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JB gr Born in 1957, most of my private live was determined by scuba diving and underwater photography,

After 15 years of running a diving school in part time I got more and more devoted  to desert traveling.

In the year 2000 I bought a new 10t MAN truck and converted it to a fully equipped off road vehicle. The cabin was build by Langer und Bock, the interior and all the technical staff was done by myself within two years. My kids named "him" BUMMER.

Since then I travel when ever possible the Sahara. Still, my greatest passion is photography and therefore all my traveling is arranged accordingly. No stress staying at interesting places as long as I want.

In realising a photo project I learned to fly with a powerded paraglider (PPG) and ever since this flying vehicle is part of my traveling. Here a short story about the project (in German). .

This site is to show my pictures I shoot during the year, on my traveling and also at home and maybe I can encourage one or the other to join me on my traveling.  

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