come with me

 Some info for those who are interested to come with me.


Unfortunately there is no desert destination in the near future which is save to travel.

Nearly every year I am traveling some distant places focusing on outstanding landscapes and travelin most of the time off road.

Usually I have one or two seats in the truck for selected guests.

The journeys are for individual minded people away from crowded tourist places and especially planed for photographers to have enough time at interesting places or situations.

The truck allows us a very comfortable traveling to most exposed places. There is 24h energy (240V) for charging all the photo equipment, Laptops and navigation gear. The water supply we carry is good for ca. one week and every drop passes a high tech filter system ensuring best water quality. We have fuel for about 1.000km off road.

The night we spend inside the truck, in a tent or just laying in the sand beneath the starry sky.Waw-en-Namus-Luft1

Well, if you are interested to join me get in touch with me for more detailed information.

Look forward hearing from you


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